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We create unique, artistic and practical websites for artists and small businesses, at a reasonable price. No generic templates! We start your project with a blank canvas!

I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from the Polytechnic Institute of New York, now is called New York University Tandon School of Engineering. My first job title was Software Engineer which involved developing a missile launch system. The technical work was interesting but launching a missile was not my interest. I then worked with more defensive systems and business applications. My involvement in the business development was kept to minimum. However, I excelled in learning Oracle database, UNIX and C language.

I was undecisive in choosing a career of Fahsion Design or Computer Science when I was in high school. I chose computer science since that was a sensible choice.

After a few years of working in the computer software industry. I felt that my work needed a little more zest. So, I decided to give fashion design a try. I took night and weekend classes at Fashion Institute of Technology. I was fascinated by fashion design and the industry. I earned an A.A.S Degree cum laude in Fashion Arts. I loved the art, but the cut throat industry ethic was not what I wanted.

While I was learning fashion design in school at night, my day job VP was training me to be a software system designer specializing in Oracle Database. Ahh! I liked design work, whether fashion or software systems. That was an aha moment for me. I found my love!

My 22 year IT career working for various large corporations gave me joy, headaches and many computer and life experiences.

When I arrived in the art-focused Santa Fe, I worked as a professional photographer. Photography had been always a strong interest to me. Taking a good photo and developing it from scratch, could lead to the success of an impressive print. With my computer background, it was perfect timing to thrive in the world of digital photography.

My website was initially created to showcase my photographs in the infancy of commercial websites. Later, in Santa Fe, my photographer friend admired it and asked me to custom design a website for her. This led to requests from other artists and I became a website designer.

Today, I design more complicated websites with data management. Naturally, I am going back to my database roots. All my diverse interests and careers have merged into one successful and professional business...Web Development & Art.

I would like to create websites for artists and small business owners whom I feel that they may not have time and resources to deal with the fast growing website industry. With my extensive software design and development experience plus the artistic skill and approachable personality, my clients do not need a translator as they wish to have one when they talk with representatives from big companies in the website industry.

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